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Why Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Roof cleaning is necessary to provide your roof with longevity. However, some homeowners believe this maintenance is unnecessary as long as their roof doesn't leak. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous assumption, as most people don't realize how much damage can be done by a neglected or dirty roof.

Washing your roof regularly ensures that the structure of your home is protected. However, algae and debris on your roof's bottom and top layers can accumulate over time, leading water to seep into the shingles. This buildup can cause spots on your roof to peel, bubble, or degrade faster than the rest of the roof. The darker and dirtier these spots appear, the more quickly damage occurs.

How To Clean Your Roof

Sometimes a thorough scrub with household bleach is all that's required to remove unattractive algae and moss development on your roof. The American Roofing Manufacturers Association recommends a 1:1 water-to-bleach ratio for a complete roof cleaning. Avoid applying too much pressure when cleaning your roof since this might harm the asphalt shingles.

After leaving it on your roof for 20 minutes, one can wash the surface with clean water. A few rain showers should be enough to remove all algae left on the roof. The person cleaning your roof also might use a leaf blower to remove any leftover pieces of moss.

Why Choose Us?

If your roof is looking worse for wear and you're noticing moss or algae buildup, it may be time to have it cleaned. A professional roofing contractor's roof cleaning can give your roof a new lease on life — removing moss and algae buildup can make the shingles look almost brand new. Also, if your shingles need replacing, professional roofers at Mayflower Roofing can advise you and help you find affordable replacement options. So get in touch with us today and learn more about your roof's condition.

5 Important Things About Roof Cleaning

Here are five things that every homeowner should be aware of when it comes to residential roof cleaning:

  • Roof cleaning is not a DIY project; it takes expertise and knowledge.
  • A mild wash technique is appropriate for cleaning older roofs.
  • Moss and algae are not only ugly, but they also harm shingles.
  • Debris does not have to be visible from the ground to cause roof damage.
  • Roof cleaning is a worthwhile investment that keeps your roof free from debris and harm.
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