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Flat Roofing System For
Commercial Properties

Flat roofs are the most economical and effective choice if a roofing system has to be set up in a commercial building. They're also very easy to maintain, so buildings with flat roofs have a lower risk of leaks or structural failures. Overall, flat roofs can make the best choice for buildings that need durable roofing systems.

With Mayflower Roofing, you can always ask our roofing professionals for products that will meet your unique needs. We have the best roofers in the town dedicated to providing business owners with no-obligation consultations, affordable prices, and quality workmanship — giving you peace of mind.

Types Of Flat Roofs

Flat roofing is a great way to add an extra level of protection to your home. Modern materials provide a lightweight and easy-to-install option that can involve less maintenance and last longer than other options. So it's important to research before choosing which flat roofing material to use.

Single Layer Membrane Roof: Many business owners choose a modern, advanced roofing technology for commercial construction. The membrane is very flexible, allowing the roof to withstand extremely high winds, hurricanes and even tornadoes. It's a good choice for businesses looking to stay up-to-date on their building technology and aesthetics.

We install TPO, EPDM and Built-Up roofing systems to help protect your business from the elements. By installing a new roof, we can provide your home with extra protection — helping you save time, money and stress down the road.

Commercial Buildings Benefits of a Flat Roof In Southeastern MA

Mayflower Roofing can help you have beautiful and durable flat roofs for your home or business. Flat roofs have the following benefits:

  • They're stable on flat ground, and with high winds, so they are less likely to damage your building.
  • They store heat in the summer, so they keep your building cool during hot months.
  • There is less surface area to cover than a pitched roof, making installation easier and less expensive.
  • They're easy to maintain, especially if you choose solar panels.
  • If correctly placed and maintained, flat roofs can last up to 25 years.
  • They are less susceptible to leaks than pitched roofs.

Best Commercial Roofing Company In Southeastern MA

Commercial roofing systems are completely different from residential roofing systems. If you own or operate a commercial building, you have an entirely different set of needs than if you own a home. Commercial building owners need to be extra careful about the safety of their roofs. There are also structural issues to consider, such as wear and tear on infrastructure, leaks that could damage the interior, and even mold growth.

Mayflower Roofing can protect your roof against all kinds of external conditions, like heat, cold, snow, rain, wind and sleet. We'll help keep the elements out of your building structures, keeping your employees and customers safe and comfortable to the fullest extent possible. We're the preferred company for all kinds of commercial roofing jobs. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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