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Did You Recently Experience Roof Storm Damage?

A storm came through and left your roof in a state of disrepair. What do you do?

How do you find trustworthy local storm damage roofers to help you file your insurance claim?

While the answers to these questions are complicated, the solution is simple: Mayflower Roofing!

The truth is that weather can be unpredictable, and houses aren't always secure. A storm can damage your roof, but you do not have to wait for the damage to worsen. Because we're your local roofers — and we're here to help. When storms leave your roof damaged, we'll assess it, help you file an insurance claim if needed, and get your roof back to its former glory.

We make it easy to learn about your options when you want to get a new roof or need an emergency repair. Call us after the storm, and we'll work with your insurance company.

How Wind Damage Affects Your Roof

The missing shingles or granule accumulation in gutters are the first sign of wind damage. Ensure your roof's flashing isn't damaged or missing by inspecting it. The flashings on your roof are usually composed of metal and are located in the weakest areas of your roof. Wind damage isn't often apparent, mainly when compromised by the adhesive bond that provides a water-shedding surface. If your roof has been exposed to high winds, it is always good to have a professional evaluate it.

The thin horizontal lines on shingles are another sign that they need to be maintained. These lines indicate that the granules on the top 1-2 inches beneath the above shingle have worn away, and the shingle seal may have been broken.

What Are The Signs Of Wind Damage?

There are various ways to identify whether high winds have damaged your property. Look for loose objects around the property, fallen trees, and signs of damage to fences. If these signs are present, no matter how slight they seem, you may have storm damage on your roof. Look for these signs:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Visible Granule Loss
  • Visible Water Infiltration
  • Broken Gutters
  • Damage To Siding

Let Mayflower Roofing Help With Your Roof Storm Damage Needs

Mayflower Roofing provides safe storm assessment and hassle-free roof restoration. Our skilled technicians can provide you with a full structural inspection, resulting in a detailed written report that includes recommendations for the safety of your home and family. A crew will then arrive to clean up all debris, haul-off all old roof material, and install a whole new roof.

Why Choose Us?

  • Honest & Reliable Roofing Team
  • Years Of Experience With Insurance Claims
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Trusted Partners Among Property Owners
  • 40 Years Of Combined Experience
  • Dedicated Team Of Roofers

Best Storm Damage Roof Restoration Company

When your home suffers storm damage, you need a team specializing in restoration and insurance damage assessment. Trust Mayflower Roofing to restore your home to its original state faster and more efficiently, giving you more time to get back to normal.

Don't hesitate to contact us if your roof has been damaged due to a storm. We can help with any concerns that you may have. From the time you first call, we will help you from start to finish to ensure that your roof is replaced in the best way possible.

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