So, you’ve noticed some issues with your roof. But you wonder if the problems are really that serious. Now, you’re asking yourself, “Should I repair or replace my roof?” And you want to have a clear idea about what to do, even before you talk to your local roofing contractor.

Watch for These Roofing Issues

Watch for these potential roofing issues. This list is the place to start when deciding if you need to repair or replace your roof.

  • Leaks indoors
  • Seeing sunlight in the attic
  • Missing, curled or cracked shingles
  • Discolorations, moss or algae buildups
  • Rot
  • Gutters clogged with shingle granules
  • Roof starts to sag

Also, keep track of how old your roof is, and if it has previous repairs. Once a roof gets to be over 20 years old, you can start to expect it to need repairs or replacement. The older your roof is, the more likely it needs replacement.

When You Only Need to Repair Your Roof

Although every roof will need replacement eventually, sometimes a repair can extend its life. With minor damage, or with problems in a small section, you can get away with a repair instead of a replacement of the whole roof.

For example, in a wind storm, some shingles may blow away, or a branch may cause some direct damage. Certainly, the roof requires fixing, but a repair is usually easier and less expensive. Even leaks can be repaired if the leak is only in one isolated spot.

When to Replace Your Roof

The most common reason to replace a roof is its age. When you notice roof issues, and your roof is over 20 years old, it’s time to spring for a replacement. Old shingles curl at the edges or get discolored over time. The most concerning issue is when your roof sags because that points to structural problems.

Keeping a roof well-maintained and in good condition protects the interior and the structure of your home from the weather. Contact Mayflower Roofing now for a roof inspection to determine if you should repair or replace your roof. Contact Us today.